Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Goals In Mind

Okay, so hubby had a point when he said I lost my oomph after my cousin's wedding. I had something to look toward, because I wanted to impress my family enough that they would want to change, too, and get healthy. Now that I don't have a goal to work towards, I'm kind of in limbo and not being as careful with my eating and exercise as I was before. So I obviously need new goals.

Short Term Goals:
Get to 150 lbs by Christmas
Take 6 inches off my waist by my birthday in September (that's a tall order of 3 inches this month and next)
Run 30 mins nonstop

Long Term Goals:
Do a pull up
Do a 1 armed push up
Run a half marathon
Have a body like a jockey (dude, they are buff!)

And continue to believe in 6 impossible things before breakfast! (the long term goals are a good start)

We went grocery shopping yesterday. We got a huge flat of strawberries. They are already almost gone. I had Andy cut them up last night, except for 10 which I dipped in dark chocolate (a decadent way to get TONS of antioxidants in while getting a heavy chocolate fix).
Can't wait for dinner tonight. We're having homemade veggie supreme pizza.


HealthyMom said...

It is nice to set goals. I wish you lots of success in your journey to health.