Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hump Day

Wednesday is commonly referred to as hump day. Ever since Friday, I've been pushing myself to run for at least 20 mins straight, because, really, there's no excuse not to anymore, knowing that I can do it. The hump today was 25. I ran to 25, walked 1 minute, and ran to 31, then did intervals and finished TM run at 4.05 miles in an hour, and 677 calories torched. That means I can has a treat tonight, and it will be guilt free, cuz I have the calories for it.

Yesterday I had my 3 month diabetes checkup. I showed my doctor THE PANTS. The pants are what I wore a year ago, size 24. She was so floored she had me show the nurses, who were equally impressed. I asked my doc about getting off of insulin, and she sent me down to the lab for a blood test. Still waiting to hear results. My hA1c came back 6.2 though, which is good. My goal is to have my diabetes under such tight control by the time we have kid #2, that the doctor let me go into labor on my own. I loathed being induced.

Anyway, hard workout warrants nap and hard-earned treat tonight :)