Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hot Dog!

So I was hoping to be under 180 today after burning off nearly 1/2 a lb in calories yesterday. Not quite. 180.6. So close!
I noticed last night that hot dogs are on the dinner menu today. I didn't really want to go out and buy buns, since I wasn't planning on eating any, and Grace usually won't eat them, so Andy would've been the only bun eater. Really? A pack of buns for 1 hot dog. Seems silly. So I asked the man if he minded having his dogs on a piece of bread. He said he'd survive. So you can imagine my joy this morning to receive a coupon from Sonic for a free coney dog! The man gets a hot dog WITH bun, and Grace & I can just have a hot dog at home. I think it works out.

Today I had leftover salad from Friday or Saturday. It was still safe to eat, and I added some mozzarella pearls for protein, but I only made it half way through before gagging. My system said I'M DONE! I suspect it's from eating 2 whole cups of Popcornopolis before lunch.

What I ate/going to eat today:
29 Kashi Island Vanilla biscuits (it's like shredded wheat)
8 oz almond milk
1 scoop body fortress whey vanilla protein powder
2 cups assorted Popcornopolis
1/2 spring greens salad with tomato, cucumber, salad pizazz, and mozzarella pearls
1 cup Del Monte no sugar added diced peaches
1 Oscar Mayer 98% fat free hot dog w/mustard
90 oz water

16 oz almond milk
1 single self-serve bowl of regular cheerios
1 cup Popcornopolis
2 Farm Rich chicken, cheese, bacon sandwich melts
1 cup del monte no sugar added mandarin oranges
1 bag gold fish
8 oz Tropicana light Fruit Punch
1 Oscar mayer 98% fat free hot dog w/condiments