Monday, April 28, 2008

Check Up

Today was the closest I've come to getting really emotional & crying in my entire pregnancy. I saw her face.
We had a check up this morning with perinatalogy. Grace is healthy and active. I mentioned Friday's spotting to the doctor, and she said it was probably a ruptured cervical vessel. Yay... relief, just a pregnancy hiccup. The technician did run back in after the initial ultrasound to ask if I was in pain. I said no, and was alarmed. Was something wrong? If you ever become a doctor, don't ask a high risk pregnancy woman if she's in pain right after reviewing an ultrasound. The doctor said the hospital had just started a new pain scale policy where they have to ask everyone that question. *rolls eyes*
So everything looked really good on the scan. Our little girl is a plump 3.3 pounds at 28 weeks (about 1/2 pound ahead of what's "normal") but they said she was on track, in the 60th percentile. Not sure what that means. I was a little disappointed at the scans they printed out for us. They got her foot and her "uni" (girl equipment). We already have shots of those. I would've loved to have the one of her face. She turned her head right toward the camera and I could see her so clearly for just a moment. I could see her eyelids, her little stubby nose, and fat puffy cheeks. She looks similar to my baby picture, only a little rounder. I will try to hold on to this picture in my head, even though my thoughts become a little fuzzier every day & I often can't remember what I said or did seconds ago.