Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Whole Commercial

Last night we went to see the movie, Penelope (which is totally cute by the way). After a Taco Bell dinner, we stopped by Shopko for goodies. Yes, we are naughty & sneak candy into the theater like any other patriotic American. On our way to the candy aisle, we passed the mattress pad aisle. They were having a 60% off sale. I have been saying I'd like to try a foam padding under the sheets to help me sleep & have some extra cushioning, but I was thinking more along the lines of $30 egg crate style. These were fancy memory foam pads. The queen size one was like $289... on sale for $111. Andy argued the point that a high quality memory foam pad would be more conducive to reducing the pressure on my hips & shoulders than a egg crate foam pad that might not last as long. So we got that... saved ourselves almost $180. I don't think we could've afforded it otherwise. So after we got home from the movie, we get around to deciding to put the pad on rather than let it air out like the directions suggest. This meant stripping down the bed to the mattress...
Does anyone know how to keep a mattress clean? We keep this protector thing over it, but the mattress was really grody & had like lint and junk in the little depressions. Eww.
So guess what we did.
We vacuumed the mattress.
Yeah, that was interesting.
After we vacuumed, I febreezed the darn thing. Wow... when did "febreezed" become a verb? Maybe the same time, or shortly after, "googled" did.
So we get the pad on there & remake the bed. I'm a little skeptical, but I make my little pillow nest & we eventually get to sleep around midnight. I was up at 1:30, ready to get to get up and face the day... but it's only 1:30, so I went back to sleep. 3:30 I get up to pee, then go back to bed & sleep till Andy gets up for work at 5. So the pad helped me sleep twice as long as I normally do. I have been waking up every hour for the last few weeks, usually sore and not a happy camper. With the pad I tossed & turned less. I guess I'll keep giving it a try to see how it works out.
So now that I've written a really cheesy review of memory foam mattress pads, I should note that I completely forgot to take my insulin before bed last night. This morning I was dreading my sugar, thinking it would be sky high after all the candy I ate at the movie & the slice of pizza I had when I got home. My sugar was 96 this morning. AMAZING! I'm thrilled.
Now to take my insulin...


Bryan said...

We got one of those memory foam toppers for our bed also! Indeed, the bed is squishier and I guess I sleep better.

I'm more of a sleep on the ground, in my make shift tent, next to my fire type of guy.