Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can YOU Can-Can?

So yesterday we had our ultrasound. It went well and Grace passed all of the doctors tests. We also caught her in a bizarre position. Andy couldn't stop laughing. Check out this babe & her long, gorgeous gams. Also if you look closely, you'll see her holding her chin (as well as beautiful little fingernails-- eeee!). The pose suggests "Hmm... I got into this position, now how the heck do I get out?"

Too funny. I tell you, this is one goofy kid. Andy suggested she was contemplating her foot as I often do.

Furthermore, Clarene said my sugar is fine. My hA1c was 5.7. I thought it was going to be a lot higher. She said if my sugar continues to spike, that I can increase my insulin dosage to 4. So we'll see how that goes in the next few weeks. I feel like my sugar is low now, but dinner will be done soon.

Well, just wanted to share this picture of Grace. We're almost 6 months along, and she's 1 lb 14 oz. The doctors FINALLY settled on July 16 as my due date, even though Grace is measuring a week ahead of schedule, which just reaffirms the dreams I've been having that she'll arrive on June 26.

Take care till next time!


Bryan said...

YAY! Another life form is growing inside your body! Cool baby pick....