Saturday, April 5, 2008

Retail Therapy

Dear Grace,

Daddy & I went to Babies R Us today to look at the clearance rack. Daddy went crazy and bought an entire outfit get up for your Christmas pictures, and to wear on Christmas day. Daddy loves Winnie The Pooh and got you a little ivory courderoy dress with Pooh Bear on it and red snowflakes. He also got you a red onesie, a red jacket with Pooh Bear on it with Christmas trim, and let mommy get you some Pooh Bear Christmas socks and a dumb santa hat (and one with a reindeer on it). Between that & the onesies we found for you before we knew who you were, you'll be all decked out for the holidays. After that, we went to the mall. When you are older, you will appreciate that Daddy seems to enjoy shopping as much as any of your aunties. I even teased him that he'd probably kidnap you just to take you shopping and dress you up so I can have 10 minutes to myself. I know he wants a boy, but I think he's having fun buying pretty things for his little princess... not that he's excited or anything ;)