Friday, June 27, 2008

The Amazing Nursery Transformation-- PART 3

We finally finished the nursery nook (and the crib) at 1:30 last night!

Prepare for an overload of pictures...

Her night stand:

We found these really cute, whimsical zebra banks that make great book ends! (and consequently helped us start a college fund for Grace )

Close up of her lamp, monitor, and a stuffed tiger ("Tiger Lily") I've had since I was like 4:

Andy marks where the blinds will go:

The curtains go up:

Installing the curtain holdbacks:

Holdbacks up:

I love my husband's butt! :

Marking & hanging the all important princess sign:

Hanging the cross-stitched name I made for her & cute butterfly pic:

Marking & hanging the hand-made copper picture my grandma made for me when I was very young (like 4):

Hanging Eeyore!:

Hanging cute clock we found:

Starting to add accents:

(The corner where the changing table will go):

Close up of fluttering butterflies on curtain:

Andy couldn't have been more excited about this crib. He's convinced it's HIS crib

With a crazed look in his eye, the box opens!

There were soooo many layers of styrofoam in that humongous box!

"Look, honey, it's the instructions!"

That made him laugh:

Found the real instructions:

The doo-hickey goes where?

Down to business:

Silly Andy hams it up for the camera:

Back to work:

What was really in the giant taped "instruction" box:

Yay, I get to help now!

The crib that Andy built:

I finally get to put the bedding on:

Our beautiful new crib:

A shining stars unicorn we named Luna waits for Grace's arrival:

Hope you enjoyed. We're just waiting on our changing table to arrive.

We've had some other excitement in the last few days, but I'll post about that a little later. I'm pooped!


ekimatuan said...

Looking good! About time to. I have been patiently checking for updates all week.

On a related note, why is Andy flipping me off twice in that one picture?