Monday, June 9, 2008

A Narrow Escape

Today was another routine non-stress test. I've been sick the last 24 hours (upset stomach, turkey trots, and immense gas pressure... ugh!), and let the nurse know.
I was worried how being sick would affect Grace, but she was strong and healthy on the ultrasound while they measured the fluid. We even caught her breathing. She's really good at it, and squirmy as ever. I don't think there's going to be a concern about her lungs being ready if she is breathing as regularly as you & I do. I moved the amnio to July 7, and the receptionist said maybe she'd be here by then. I smiled & told her that was the idea.
So of course my stomach was rumbling and gurgling like Old Faithful was about to erupt during the NST thanks to the sick sewage stewing around, which aggravated my contractions, and sure enough... they wanted to send me to L&D again. *Sigh*
I asked if the gastro stuff would irritate the contractions, making them so regular, and the nurse said yes, so I told her I'd really like to avoid another $200 adventure to L&D. She paged the doctor on call and asked him a few questions. They offered me some medicine for the bowel irritability, and I told them I'd be okay. I also promised I'd come right in if the contractions became uncomfortable, or if the diarrhea got worse.
So, even though I was having contractions 1-2 minutes apart, lasting 60 seconds each, and all very regular & wave like on the monitor, they let me go home.
*Phew* talk about a narrow escape!


Crystal said...

Wow, you're almost there!