Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today I went in for a checkup at the OB/GYN. They did a strep b swab "down there" and checked dilation. I'm still closed up, but I'm hopeful and remain positive about blossoming over the next 2 weeks.
I complained about fatigue. I told them I know I should be tired at this point, I mean I'm growing an entirely new human being, I get that. But needing three 2-hour naps on top of sleeping soundly through the night is ridiculous. I will feel fine one minute, the next I feel like I just smacked into a wall. I asked the nurse to check my iron level since I've had problems with anemia in the past, but it came back normal. The doctor suggested I have my thyroid levels rechecked since it's been a while.
We talked a little more about induction, and he said to cancel the amnio since my sugar has been so good. If I wait until I'm 39 weeks on the dot, they can just go ahead & induce without the amnio. He also signed my birthing plan (yay) and said it's all very reasonable. So let's just hope we get a baby here au natural before July 9.


Crystal said...

Happy to hear that everything is going well! You're nearly there.