Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Amazing Nursery Transformation-- PART 2

It's going on to 11 & we're almost done painting the corner! YAY! We started at 10.
We just need to do the edges & floor.
Andy is nervous that 2 cans won't cover our bedroom. We've already gone through half the first can, almost 3/4.

So to start I just want to tell you about this paint we got. It's probably the coolest stuff ever. It's VOC/Carcinogen free & has very low fumes, which allows me to help. It's safe for kids & pets, so we don't have to send our birdie or gerbils away while we do this.

What hooked me is when we went looking at the different colors they had. We wanted a clean, off-white color. Ironically, they had one called Grace's Smile:

It has a nice warm peach undertone to it in certain lights!

Here's a picture of Andy painting:

And just so you can see the color difference between the old & new paint:

Old on top, new on bottom.

and last, but not least...

Always remember:

Goodnight, everybody!


Bryan said...

Try this:

Plus you usually do two coats of paint.