Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ever since my "episode" on Monday, Grace has been very lovey. If I go out of her sight, she starts calling: "Mommy, where are yooouuu?"
Usually I'm using the toilet.
In addition to the mommy stalking and extra snuggles (which I haven't minded at all, she's not normally a cuddly person), I also wanted to share some "Grace-isms" or things she's said over the last few days.

"Mommy, I got a drink. It's very drinky."
As we're putting her to bed, she tells us very frankly, "I'm cranky." (lol, y'think?)
Tonight at dinner after accidentally dropping her sippy cup: "My bottle is very downy."
Often when I've asked her to do something she doesn't want to, she tells me in an angry voice "I no do it. I HAPPY!". This is complete with crossed arms and pouty face on her part.
"IT'S NOT FAIR!" (Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn't think this business was supposed to start for another decade. 3 days out from turning 3. REALLY?!)
Andy helping her with prayer before bed:
Andy: "Dear Heavenly Father,"
Grace: "Dear Thomas"
Andy: "Thank you for this day."
Grace: "Thank you for Thomas."
Andy: "Please bless me"
Grace: "Please bless Thomas"

obviously she watches too much Thomas the Tank Engine, LOL.

Love you, sugar bean.


Amanda said...

That is gorgeous! thank you for sharing!

<3 awww snuggles are magical! <3

She wants you to know she loves you no matter what! :D cute!