Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Progress Report

Last week I made some goals to help prevent me from launching into bad behavior and subsequent manic depression:

1) allow bacon
2) pancakes once a month, if I feel so inclined
3) homemade ice cream once a month (last week I made 4 quarts. BAD IDEA)
4) no baking (except when I go visiting teaching. They will reap the goods, Andy & Grace will get any sparse leftovers)
5) 1 square of dark chocolate per week
6) limit fruit to 1/2c a week (I have a serious berry addiction. It's ridiculous, and not helping my blood sugar I'm sure)

Here's how I've done:
1) I've enjoyed bacon
2) No desire for pancakes yet
3) We had some strawberries going bad in the fridge, so I broke down and made some strawberry ice cream. Andy doesn't like it, but Grace does.
4) We had bananas going bad so I broke down & baked banana bread. I've only had 2 pieces out of the 12 piece batch, and they didn't hold too much sway over me. Yay!
5) Going through spurts throughout every day where I crave chocolate, but by the time I'm able to reach for it, the craving is gone.
7) Grace's strawberries that she's been taking care of on our back porch garden are starting to come in. She had the first ripe one, I had the 2nd ripe one today. Oh and I made raspberry lemonade from scratch last night using lemon juice, splenda (we ran out of stevia), and frozen raspberries. It's way good!

So how am I doing?


Amanda said...

looks like you're doing just fine my dear...

In my account Gracie Berries don't count as berries you shd be limiting... maybe my perspective is a bit skewed though...