Tuesday, November 1, 2011

6 Week Experiment

Hello, November 1st. For the next 6 weeks, I will attempt to reset my leptin to see if it helps some of the issues I'm having.
Jack Kruse Leptin Reset RX
Jack Kruse obviously didn't have a 3yo to get ready for school (feed, dress, as well as feed & dress himself) when he wrote Leptin Reset. He says no stress, but I honestly don't know how you get around not being stressed out trying to make breakfast for 2 people, get your 3yo to eat it, get her dressed, and to school on time in 30 mins. Grace is almost always up by 8a, but today it's raining so her room was extra dark (like 6 in the morning dark), so she overslept. I also overslept (Grace is my alarm clock), but I was up before she was.
Half way through breakfast, I hated Jack Kruse. I was ready to barf. I'm a fan of IF-ing, so I don't eat when I'm not hungry. Today I ate when I wasn't hungry. A lot. Uuuuuugh. I choked down 3 egg cupcakes (eggs & veggies baked together), 4 protein pancakes (wondering WTH I buy protein powder), and 4 strips of bacon. About the only thing I enjoyed was the bacon. I wondered if this is how eating contest contestants felt afterwards. :-x

Leptin Reset Starting Weight: 195.4
5'5.5" 29yoF
waist: 33"
hip: 40"
thigh: 20"
calf: 15"

  • stick as closely as possible to 25g carbs/day
  • in bed by 9p, asleep by 10p
  • all baked goods for blog go immediately to friends and neighbors
  • Limit dairy to 2x a week (sad face)
  • No fruit (except avocados, mmmm)
  • Bulk of carbs come from veggies, some from avocados
  • No cardio until Dec 1st, to allow my injured Achilles to fully heal. Long walks in the evening thereafter.

Nov 1st food diary
3 paleo egg cupcakes
4 protein pancakes
4T butter (had to choke down those pancakes somehow)
4 slices bacon
1,204 cals, 84 fat, 13g carb, 92g protein

Unplanned (gonna see if I can make it to dinner)
Maybe some straight herbal tea

apple shallot pork chops
638 cals, 14g carb, 39 fat, 64 protein

1842 cals, 27g carb, 123 fat, 156g protein