Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 Leptin Reset

Had 100% compliance yesterday and met all my goals. Yay!
Today I confess to feeling a little anxiety, especially when I was at the grocery store. CHOCOLATE! Got home and took some magnesium to see if it helps quiet the monster (it has in the past), and brewed myself some chocolate orange herbal tea. Although I desperately wanted to put some cream or mascarpone in it.
Worried about my devon cream, grass fed heavy cream, and mascarpone going to waste.
*deep breath*
still 100% paleo for the day though. Have not deviated from food plan for the day. Going to go play a couple hands of gin at pogo to get my mind off of it.

tuna cakes with a drizzle of EVOO
740 cals, 2g carb, 60 fat, 52g protein

hard boiled eggs (possibly mashed with homemade avocado mayo)
140 cals, 2g carb, 9 fat, 12g protein

stuffed portabellos
860 cals, 32g carb, 48 fat, 62g protein
(the carbs may come down a bit if I only have 1 portabello cap)

1740 cals, 36g carb, 117 fat, 126g protein

100% paleo day!