Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 3 & 4 Leptin Reset

I guess I missed posting yesterday.

Grace has an ear infection, but she still wanted to go to school yesterday. Teacher said she was having a bit of a rough time the last hour, but she seems to be doing a lot better today.
At dinner, I told her that we might not be having this problem as much if she had just breast fed better. To which she sticks her face into my breast and sniffs. WTH, KID?! A moment later, her hand was down my shirt. SERIOUSLY?!
There's you giggle for today.

6 egg omelette with blue cheese, leftover meat/veggies from dinner last night & 4 slices of bacon
907 cals, 11g carb, 62 fat, 71g protein

2 black pepper blue cheese burger patties
660 cals, 8g carb, 44 fat, 56g protein

Skipped. There wasn't enough to feed all of us, and I was doing fine anyway.

1567 cals, 19g carb, 106 fat, 127g protein

Feeling a little bit keto today (light headache, a little whoozy. Hello mild carb flu. Nice to see you again).

Was up before Grace, but only by a few minutes.
2 cans tuna, mashed with avocado, and homemade avocado mayo
905 cals, 77 fat, 17g carbs (all from the avo, so that's, like, 4 net carbs), 50g protein

gonna try to IF it

homemade sausage patties (from local pastured pork *happy dance*), and scrambled eggs
480 cals, 29 fat, 4g carb, 47g protein

1385 cals, 106 fat, 21 carbs (8 net), 97g protein

aaaand it's payday, which always makes me happy. Time to order more grass fed/pastured critter, and buy veggies for the next few days.

Down 4 lbs since Nov 1st. Buh-bye water retention! 20 to go until I'm clawing at the 160s again.


Anonymous said...

you need to finesse your diet and get your genotype from peter d'adamo. primal is too generalistic.

Amanda said...

*I left a comment I wonder if it worked...*

You go girl! you know I think of you all the time!

Take care of your self and that goofy kid of yours! <3

Love ya,