Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8, Leptin Reset

Jumped up 2 lbs (largely due to water weight, I think. Thanks, AF!), but holding steady, and largely sticking to the goals I've set for myself. Made a not so great food choice today, but I think it was more an error in my cooking rather than the food itself.
I made myself egg nog from scratch, but I made it too foamy. So I got through about half of it before deciding it just wasn't happening for breakfast.

egg nog from scratch (1c grass fed organic cream + 6 eggs), and a side of cottage cheese
1330 cals, 11g carb, 128 fat, 47g protein
The egg nog is SUPER foamy. No way anyone can drink that much AIR.

leftover egg nog (split above cals/carb/fat/protein in half)

pastured ham roast
366 cals, 0g carb, 18 fat, 48g protein

1696 cals, 11g carb, 146 fat, 95g protein

super excited for our ham dinner. Gonna make a great breakfast tomorrow!