Sunday, January 30, 2011

50 Pounds Faster

Yesterday, I completed my 2nd effort in my favorite 5k, Hale Freezes Over. My good friend Laura came to do it with me, and we finished in 45 mins. I was hoping for 38, but the hill to Hale is the hill from Hell, LOL. The whole time I was thinking "50 pounds faster!" Since I was 50 pounds heavier at the last edition of the race.
I was pretty happy with 45, considering my fastest time is 43... on a treadmill. So I think 45 for a street run is pretty good for me. It was also a 15 min improvement over last year's entry, and I think shaving 15 mins off of any effort is kind of a big deal to any runner ;)

Grace is doing great on Primal. Her cough and bogies cleared up almost immediately after going off grains. I don't know if this is coincidence, but I'm not going to question or complain. She still asks for her regular staples, but I keep reminding her that we gave it to her friends. Then I show her all the yummy food in the fridge that we bought together, and encourage her to have anything she wants, which usually ends up being cheese, fruit, or yogurt. She loves bacon.

Stonyfield Farm makes a neat little yogurt drink that she likes, but they are expensive. Chobani started making greek yogurt for kids, but also expensive. Anyway, to save on the drinks, I did this:

1 container Chobani Champions (a plain greek yogurt would probably fly, too)
1/2 cup coconut milk

destroy in food processor for yummy smoothie. It makes a couple of servings, so I think it will help the grocery bill. The above recipe is loaded with healthy, natural fats, antioxidants, live active cultures, and protein.

We also found a better way to make pancakes! My first attempt, following a recipe in the Primal Cookbook using coconut flour, was a flop. They were super grainy and smelled of playdoh (not that I mind playdoh), and needed a lot of syrup and butter to "enjoy". Yesterday I found another recipe that uses eggs, bananas, and almond butter. THEY WERE FANTASTIC! Today I tried substituting coconut butter. Those turned out pretty good, too, but the almond butter ones were superior. Basically you do equal parts of the 3 ingredients, then cook them up like regular pancakes. Try it sometime. I think you'll thank me :)

Anyway, time to get ready for church. I promise I will post Grace's shopping experience soon!


Tara Oliver said...

way to go with the 5K! that is awesome!!!

Amber said...

Yeah! I just found your blog! Shaving 15 minutes off is nothing short of amazing. :) And you are right it is the Hill from Hell.