Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dear Loving, Supportive, Understanding Husband,

I should warn you that when you get home, you might freak out a little. Please don't freak out. I gutted the freezer. I gave away all of the processed crap (except your precious drumstick ice cream cones). I got rid of all of Grace's "fruit" snacks, mac n cheese, etc. Grace helped. She gladly put it in the boxes and bags. In fact, when I tried to feed her pizza today (which she specifically begged for), she took 2 bites, then took the plate with the food to the garbage can and dumped it. This, in fact, is what prompted me to purge our home from the monster known as FRANKENFOOD.

I also have the brilliant idea that I should be given the money directly to go shopping. It's been a long time since I've actively kept track of money, and I figure it will help rein in the grocery bill, especially after that last trip in which I went WAAAAY over budget.

I hope you're not too upset. I just want our family to be healthy, happy, and have a very long life together.

Love, me (even though it appears I may have quite possibly gone entirely crazy)

(The cereal container keeps our Larabars organized)