Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Ever!

So yesterday I went to gym, and since my body isn't used to burning fat as its primary fuel instead of carbs, I was pretty tired to say the least. It was completely maddening when I couldn't get Grace to take a nap. I needed one badly, and she refused to take one, even when I tried letting her lay down in bed with me. She went to bed early, but I was still pretty ornery by the time we had to leave to pick up hubby/daddy from bus stop for chiropractor appointment. I was even angrier cuz I didn't realize that dinner (delicious primal chili) was going to take 2 hours to cook, and I had already taken the ground critter out that morning. So we had to do something else for dinner, which always throws a wrench in my daily diet. I felt better after chiro (who is one of the doctors on board with my new lifestyle-- 1 down, 1 to go), and we stopped at Wingers for dinner. I had 2 steaks and steamed broccoli. Yum! Grace went to bed when we got home, and I was feeling better, emotionally, a few hours later.
I spent some time planning out my food for today, but when I woke up I listened to my body. It said it would like to fast. I started cooking the chili at 10a, and finished at noon. So that was a beautiful 18 hour body-led fast. When the chili was close to being ready, I poached 2 eggs, and cooked up some bacon. I had my chili over the eggs & bacon, with feta on top. OH MY GOSH, IT WAS TO DIE FOR! I wish you could have some. BEST EVER! Officially down to 170, I think. It's been a couple days where I've seen it now. Very exciting.

I hope you will think about checking out Primal Blueprint. What it's done for me is terrific.