Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*Grunt* Me Tarzan

In case you're wondering, my new Primal Blueprint lifestyle is going great. I have a new wealth of energy and power that I hadn't owned before. The other night I went to the gym and almost effortlessly moved everything up 10 lbs in the weight room. It was really hard NOT to run on the treadmill, but I gave in and did one brief interval on 6. It was like walking on 4! I was amazed. Down to 171 today. Trying to convert everyone I know to Primal Blueprint. I wish everyone could feel like Superman, the way I do.
Andy is hesitant to change, but I am slowly winning him over with my Primal dinners and home made protein bars.

Today I did a body-led fast. I had all my food planned out for the day, but I wasn't hungry when I got up. In fact, I wasn't really wanting food until about 2pm. That's when I caved and had some corned beef rolled up in lettuce, followed by an entire bag of steamed vegetables, a cod fillet with coconut oil & shredded coconut, and 2 pieces of bacon. Life is good, and I'm enjoying experimenting with all the new recipes. I even made my own container of cereal the other night using almonds, pecans, walnuts, unsweetened coconut, and egg whites. Can't wait to have it with some coconut milk tomorrow! I also made almond butter, which is quite tasty.

How can you argue with a diet that encourages you to down steak & eggs for breakfast, or bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with creamed baby spinach for dinner? Oh and butt loads of delicious, healthy fat like coconut oil and, oh, yeah, BACON! Dirty, sexy bacon.


Tara Oliver said...

cool! I love the sounds of coconut oil. I want to try it sometime. glad you like it so much. :)

P Gersch said...

Tara, coconut oil (and coconut butter) is delish! I will bring some the next time you let me visit. I can eat both of 'em right out of the jar. Mmm-mmm good!

AJ (Brangwen/Elspeth) said...

Saw you posted a link... I've added you to my rss daily read.
You're doing so well with this!! I'm struggling, struggling bad... but I keep plodding along hoping one day I wake up and my body "sees the light" and I experience what you are now!! =)

P Gersch said...

AJ, you can totally do it! It was a lot easier for me to give up all the bad stuff than I thought it would, but there are still days where I'd kill for a cookie from La Jolla Grove or a slice of red velvet from The Chocolate (my fave bakeries). Maybe I should open up a Primal Bakery, LOL. Anyway, just give your whole heart to PB, and you'll breeze through it.