Thursday, February 17, 2011


Went to court today. Defendant no show. In her defense, she did try to contact me. I wonder if she was looking for a ride? I don't really feel it's my job to make sure she gets there.
Warrant out for arrest or re-summon. I gave them a few leads on where to find her.

When we got home her duffle bags were on my porch. *Crickets chirping*

Uh... Yeah.

Carbo binged today. I don't expect a good weigh in tomorrow. Everyone keeps saying I look leaner. I don't know how when I'm up a few pounds. *Scratches head*. Hubbins says my weight is redistributing itself.

Dear weight, please redistribute yourself into thin air, plz, k, thx!


Tara Oliver said...

ha! your last comment is cute.

but man, sorry about the court thing. that really really stinks. hmmm......