Friday, February 25, 2011

The Unsung Mantra

Ta rah, rah, boom dee day! Ta rah, rah, boom dee day! It is finally Friday, and that means it's pay day, which makes it SHOPPING DAY! We love shopping day.
This last week, thanks to a generous friend, I had the privilege of trying grass fed beef. Let's be honest here. I was expecting this choir of angels to part the heavens and start a resounding hallelujah chorus with how everyone on the Primal Blueprint board raved about the stuff. Frankly, it tasted like beef. Exactly like what we buy at, yup, you guessed it, WALMART.
And that made me realize... I'm kinda over it. Not Primal Blueprint. No, no. If I'm going to lose weight, it might as well be whilst enjoying copious amounts of critter & coconut fat! I am over the whole "You MUST eat organic, grass fed, pastured everything" mantra. Cuz who the heck can actually afford organic, grass fed, and pastured goods? It's a shame that those are the exception, rather than the American standard.
So my quest on this pay day is to buy the best that we can afford, and trim up our budget a bit. Settle for tillamook instead of raw milk cheddar, darigold instead of pastured butter. You get the idea. They all taste the same to me.

*Stares at the snow falling outside, and plow truck running by* Now to just muster up the courage to leave the house!

EDIT: Back from shopping. We are still looking at $350 for 2 weeks of food. *Sigh* this learning curve is expensive. It probably would've been better if I didn't discover low carb, crapless ice cream (meaning I recognize all of the stuff on the ingredient list as natural, and can pronounce them, and count the quantity of ingredients on my right hand), cultured coconut milk (yum!), and a couple of other splurges, like 2 things of corned beef, and 2 tri tip roasts. On a bright note, I got almost everything on my list at 3 stores today! At least SOMETHING got cut in half.

Breakfast: A delicious and generous portion of intermittent fasting
Lunch: 1/4 cup cottage cheese with some blueberries and a couple of strawberries (I tried to feed them to Grace, but she lost interest quickly, despite berries being just about her favorite treat in the whole wide world); a big @$$ salad made of shrimp cooked up on the griddle using this morning's leftover bacon fat/grease, served with macadamia nuts; a glass of cultured coconut milk with some torani's sugar free caramel syrup (mmm, tangy!); a bite of my new mint chocolate ice cream
Dinner: Dickeys! (shut up and get your mind out of the gutter)
Exercise for today: Primal foraging (aka: grocery shopping at 3 stores)
Damage: 1361 cals, 30 carbs, 109 protein, 88 delicious, natural fats


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