Saturday, February 5, 2011


For several years I have not only touted the fact that I can't fast because I'm diabetic, but have also, unashamedly, and wrongly, used it as a crutch. Now that I practice IF (intermittent fasting) on a regular basis, I know that I can handle fasting. Being diabetic is no longer an excuse. My last meal was at 6:30. My next meal will be at 6:30 PM tomorrow. I will then take my fill and enjoy every bite. I will take this opportunity to draw closer to my Heavenly Father, and perhaps nature too.
After my dinner tonight, I dashed off to the Good Earth health food store. We are running low on coconut oil and I have been looking for a cheaper one of equal quality. Good Earth has Artisana 100% raw organic coconut oil on sale for $9.86 a jar (I think it was that), which is cheaper than Sunflower Market's own brand. I was very excited, considering it was a 16 oz jar, and my 24 oz was $26. I eagerly picked up 3 jars, as well as a Maca Chocolate bar. It's 90% cacao! I can't wait to try it. It's gonna be INTENSE! I am feeling confident about the Artisana, considering I can totally chow down on their yummy coconut butter.
While I was there, there was a lady & her son going by. I was checking out the coconut milk ice cream when I heard the boy read from the nutritional list. "120 calories, that's good. Oh, look Mom, no fat!" To which I quickly responded "FAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!" Yeah. Right there in the middle of the HEALTH FOOD STORE. Where people usually go to either A) Lose weight or B) Live healthier. Fat gets such a bad wrap, it's sad. When I went to check out, the lady & her son were there, and they said "Oh, there's the lady!" And I promptly showed her my 3 jars of coconut oil, explaining that the right kinds of fat (like coconut oil, avocados, and critter) are really good for us. They were intrigued. I showed them where the coconut oil was & what a great deal it was (Did I mention $3 off per jar?). Conveniently I gave them (and the gal at the check out) my Dove Chocolate Discoveries business card and told them to email me any time to discuss nutrition. The checker had made a comment about me being a coconut addict, LOL. I told her about the protein cookies I make, and she seemed interested in the recipe. I hope they both take me up on my offer.
I was way tempted to try the Maca chocolate bar on the way home. I even pulled it out of the bag, but put it back. I told myself it would still be around tomorrow after dinner.

Anyway, the reason I called this post "Organic" is because I wanted to address a couple of things.
Earlier today, Andy, Grace, and I were at Sunflower Market and checking out some yogurt. Grace found one with a kangaroo on it (actually it was a wallaby, but who are we to argue with the 2yo?). I'd seen it before, and read the ingredient list multiple times. Grace & I both love yogurt (especially Greek style), but I told Andy to read the list.
Long story short, remember this: Just because it's in a health store, doesn't mean it's healthy. Just because it says organic, doesn't make it healthy either! Here are a couple of ground rules to lay for yourself when trying to decide what to buy at one of these health food establishments:
A) If there are any ingredients on the ingredient list you can't pronounce, set the product down and run far, far away!
B) If there are more than 6 ingredients, see rule A
C) Do not fear healthy fat. Sugar & carbs are far worse than fat, because, guess what, they cause your cells to HOLD ON TO FAT. Which is probably what you are trying to lose, right? Do right by your bod, my friend. Replace the unhealthy fat clinging to you with healthy fat. You can weigh 200 lbs & look like Linda Hamilton in The Terminator, or be 125 in a bikini with a spare tire (and not the kind that you float or fix your car with!)
Think it over.