Friday, February 18, 2011

Primal Friday

Just finished my primal breakfast. Bacon wrapped 5 egg omelette with 2 oz crumbled feta inside. Lay bacon horizontally across hot griddle. Pour egg mixture over them, taking care to build up walls so loose egg doesn't go everywhere. Crumble feta. Fold omelette carefully when ready. Consume!
Probably won't eat again until dinner. I'm having chicken drumsticks. My Dove Chocolate Discoveries spring kit came today, and I am eager to bust out the spicy cocoa rub & chocolate bbq sauce.

More to follow. Stay tuned. Gotta take Brother in law to therapy.

Okay, back now.

So excited to use my DCD sweet & spicy cocoa rub. I threw it in with the chicken & EVOO and apple cider vinegar. It's cooking now. I really struggled today with carbs. It's so hard to not eat fruit, especially when it's in the house. This week my weakness is fruit and chocolate apparently. Not because my kit arrived today, either. No, no. I've been having this mega chocolate craving and subsequent gnoshing ALL FREAKING WEEK. I know dark chocolate is good for you, and can be enjoyed daily, but it's not exactly helping me on my quest to get into ketosis so I can burn off the rest of my fat. The next few weeks are gonna SUCK. *Sigh*
Why do the things that taste the yummiest have to be off limits?


Tara Oliver said...

well they shouldn't have to be off limits if you just have it in moderation. I *know* you know that, but it's hard when we do really restricted diets that don't "let" us have some of that stuff. I have one sweet a day. occasionally there is one day where I eat whatever I want and sometimes it's okay, sometimes it's not. but I don't find myself gorging on sweets like I used to, either. so hang in there. you'll get through. listen to your body.

P Gersch said...

Yeah, I'm having a totally rebellious weekend (double booked today on parties, so of course THAT helps, lol)
Back to the grind on Monday.
Thanks for being my cheerleader.