Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bacon 30, Day 18

Sorry I'm such a slacker. Still trucking along with my August challenge. I confess to some slip ups, though. I accidentally ate a slice of of tomato when we went to dinner last week (Red Lobster-- I had lobster. It really hit the spot), and we had cucumber in our shrimp salad. Why are these slip ups? Both are cucumbers & tomatoes are nightshades. I've also used pepper (red, cayenne, and black) a few times. The issue with my knee has improved with nightshades out of my diet, and I asked Andy if we were eating a lot of bell peppers in the last few months. He confirmed that we were. So, huh, I wonder if it was bell peppers causing some inflammation? Cuz the cucumber, spices, and tomato haven't bothered it. Will have to do a bell pepper experiment next month to see how my knee reacts.
Isn't it fascinating how our bodies react to certain foods?

So on a good note, I dropped 4 lbs last week, and I'm hoping to see the 170s again by Sunday. I go to Clarene for my 3 month check up on Tuesday. Had blood work done yesterday. I hope I have done enough to lower my cholesterol.

Grace officially starts preschool on Tuesday. I have been getting into a rhythm of going to the gym on Tues & Thurs since that's when she'll be in school. Unfortunately, the gym is closing for maintenance from Aug 22-Sept 5th. Great. Just when I get into a rhythm!
Trying not to sweat it.

Heavy cream
Peanut butter
Ice cream (primarily b/c of the heavy cream, aaaaand I found a sugar free Egg Nog flavored syrup I wanna try)