Monday, August 1, 2011

Bacon 30, Day 1

Rabbit rabbit, everyone! That's my way of saying good luck on all your endeavours this month.
I'm off to a good start, nutritionally today. Although I'm very unhappy with my fasting sugar. My last meal was noon yesterday (a homemade Italian soda made with sparkling water, heavy cream, and some sugar free Torani raspberry syrup) and corned beef. VERY low carb. Fasting sugar this morning: 150.
*insert frustrated cursing here*

Anyway, moving on. I am doing all I can to help my body achieve low blood sugars, but it's fighting me worse than my weight.

Dear Body, WTF is your problem? I feed you good. We go for walks. We get plenty of sleep and take nice vitamins. Why can't you get it together?!

So after the drama of high blood sugar this morning and a weight gain (blah, I hate you, Body), I had some breakfast before going to dentist. I scrambled some eggs with leftover corned beef, and had an avocado. Mmmm.
Off to dentist to get numbed up (I'm so sick of being numbed up every time I go), and get cavities filled.
When I got home, I made myself my dinner-- protein pudding using coconut milk, eggs, gelatin, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and allspice.
And I also buffed up my courage and started making my very own homemade coconut milk yogurt. (Shut up. I'm putting it into my allowable pudding categories, okay?)
One bottle will be yogurt, the other will be Greek style yogurt. They should be ready to go at this time tomorrow. I hope they do okay. I wrapped the bottles in clean spit up rags and placed them in my crock pot on keep warm, and covered the crock pot with an old towel.
If all goes well, I will be having some yummy yogurt for breakfast one morning.
Will update you tomorrow with results!

1325 cals, 64g protein, 111g fat (the bulk of it is from coconut milk), 33g carb, 1725 sodium
(72% fat, 9.6% carb, 18.4% protein)