Monday, August 29, 2011

Bacon 30, Day 29

Kind of proud of myself. Have been balking at bountiful baskets for several months now. The process kind of intimidated me, since I didn't understand how it works. Tonight I was beckoned by the promise of tropical fruit and vanilla bean pods and signed up for the organic basket. Excited now. I hope this leads to a reduced monthly grocery bill.
I get brownie points for doing my first primal basket of organic co-op produce, right? :)

Anyway, tomorrow is Grace's 3rd day of preschool. I've been concerned about her not eating breakfast before school last week. She tells me "No, thank you, Mommy. I just fine." when I ask if she wants to eat something.
I'm not trying to force her to eat, but the mom in me is desperate to make sure she gets off on the right foot. I know when I'm hungry, my ADD goes into overdrive and I can't focus on ANYTHING. I don't want that to be an issue for her.
Anyway, I picked up some protein powder today with the purpose of making her some protein cookies. Cuz, hey, what kid can resist cookies, right? And for breakfast! It will be a novelty for sure. Going to use eggs, peanut butter, protein powder, maybe some applesauce, and chocolate chips. I will get fat and protein into this kid before school if it kills me!

I know technically this is a 30 day challenge and tomorrow should be the last day, but I am going through September 1st. September 1st, it's fair game again. Cuz I'm awesome... and more or less largely crazy.