Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit!

When I was a kid, Nickelodeon had a daily theme thingy. The first day of every month they always said "RABBIT, RABBIT!" which was a way of saying good luck.
I adopted it myself.

RABBIT, RABBIT, EVERYONE! That's my way of saying good luck on all your worthy endeavors for the new month in September.

My Bacon 30 challenge has ended (phew!), and I have some good news. I am back in the 170s (a 10 lb drop), and have no desire to binge. Eat some yummy food, yes. Go straight for the jugular and down sugary snacks? No. The sugar-iest things I have in the house right now (aside from fruit), is mojomilk and crio beans.
I will be carefully reintroducing full fat dairy (there is grass fed heavy cream in my fridge and some cream top cottage cheese) and keeping a hawk eye on how it effects my weight loss progress.
Also I recently learned about how to get raw cream! So, of course, I want to try that out (buy raw milk, pour into sterile mason jar, allow cream to rise to top, scrape off).

I'm going to try to keep sugar out of the picture still, and only have it once in a while. My birthday is on the 23rd and I want to weigh less than I did last year!

Having waffles for breakfast (got some zero carb vanilla protein powder and eggs, and sugar free syrup), cheddar bacon burgers for lunch, and spaghetti squash with meatballs for dinner (we'll see about the meatballs, though, I might just do meat sauce).

Goals for today: Drop Grace off at preschool, get groceries, straighten up the house a little, do laundry, edit my short story.


Lucy Ravitch said...

I'd love to read your short story! Rabbit, rabbit!