Friday, September 2, 2011

No White After Labor Day

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. At 6 AM, I'm going to go pick up my first bountiful basket. After that we are headed to Hogle Zoo for a birthday party, and hopefully hitting up Red Robin (yummmm!) for lunch. I also hope to be going to Carters to get Grace some fall clothes, cuz they're having a 50% off sale through Monday. And then, brace yourselves... THE WHITE GLOVE INSPECTOR IS COMING!
We are picking my mom up from the airport and going to dinner. See what I mean by a full say? I'm already exhausted just reading all that.
I am trying to straighten up today (and did some on Thursday too), but feeling a little overwhelmed (and lazy). Grace helped me pull out our hide-a-bed so I can get clean sheets on it.

Andy has been having some oral discomfort. He went to the dentist and they said he needs to have his wisdom teeth extracted, due to infection. He went to the oral surgeon, and they gave him 2 options. Option 1 would be a liquid diet for several days (not so fun since we plan on eating out a couple times over the next week), and Option 2 was antibiotics and painkillers. He took option 2. He'll go back in on Friday morning next week and have full surgery done.

Grace is jumping on the hide a bed.

Anyway, I guess that gives me more time to figure out some protein puddings for the man.
I made an awesome one today.

1/2c Fage Total Full Fat Greek Yogurt
1 scoop isopure zero carb creamy vanilla protein powder
nellie & joes key lime juice
liquid vanilla stevia
(255 cals, 4g carbs, 13g fat, 33g protein)

protein first into bowl, then Greek yogurt, combine super well. Add key lime & sweetener to taste. VOILA! Key lime pie protein pudding. SO GOOD! I'm going to try a chocolate raspberry one on Andy when he's ready for liquid diet. Heck, *I* might try it. (mmm... cream top cottage cheese with chocolate protein powder, raspberry chocolate stevia, and fresh raspberries. Tell me THAT doesn't sound good!)
I'm totally loving my isopure zero & low carb powders.

Oh, yeah, and in case you didn't realize, I re-introduced dairy today. Going to keep an eye on how it effects my weight loss. I hope it doesn't hinder it, cuz I have some awesome cream top cottage cheese and other goodies in the fridge.

Time for lunch (leftover paleo spaghetti & meat sauce)

  • organize entertainment center
  • vacuum
  • sweep
  • mop kitchen & bathroom
  • make Ma's bed
  • scrub toilet
  • scrub sink & mirrors
  • make sure someone does the dishes
  • try to organize computer desk
  • Put clean sheets on Grace's bed

I remember an episode of Curious George where the Man in the Yellow Hat got upset cuz he came home to a BIG mess. George didn't see a big mess. He just saw lots of little messes that made it look like a big one.
I hope I can retain that kind of optimism today!
I hope Andy will feel well enough to help with some of it.

On a positive note, I achieved ALL of yesterday's goals. WOO!


Tara O said...

way to go! enjoy your mom's visit. :)