Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Sanity

Today is a crazy day. I hope I can maintain my sanity.

I didn't sleep very well. My alarm clock is off (and somehow got another hour off during the night). I woke up at 6:30 and had a little "moment" (was supposed to pick up my Bountiful Basket at 6:30) then looked at my cell phone. My alarm clock was only an hour off when I went to bed, and my cell phone told me it was 4:30. Now my alarm clock is 2 hours off. Wha--?
I couldn't sleep though. Still nervous about missing pick up. So I got up at 5-ish and did my Facebook stuff. Left at 6:15 only to realize I forgot my receipt. Luckily I wasn't even at the end of the block from my house, so I turned around and dashed back inside.
Got to the location. It's dark out, and my eyesight is not so good. The location was supposed to be at Dream Dinners, so I go inside (deserted), and find someone in the back office. She directs me across the parking lot to the bank. I go outside and see the volunteers. I say "Good morning, frosty volunteers!" cuz it was cold out (esp if you're like me-- running around in flip flops, shorts, and a light t-shirt through October).
Yesterday I was freaking out about trying to find a basket for this thing. I get there with my box and a couple bags & they tell me "You bought organic. Your organics come with their own basket every week."
So that made me happy. The organic box was a good weight. It was shut up tight, but I opened it as soon as I got home.
So happy with my first basket!
ORGANIC everything-- bananas, papaya, peaches, grapes, limes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mini watermelon, celery, and the biggest mango you ever saw (it's like the size of my head-- no joke!)
We can DEFINITELY get through this this week.
I'm seeing nice salad with dinner tomorrow, Andy going to town on juicy watermelon, Ma (who is flying in tonight) chowing down on peaches, Grace going bananas for her bananas, and that mango has a date with some cream! I've got some avocados in the fridge that would like to do the guacamole paso dobles with those limes, too.

Next on the agenda is the zoo. One of my friend's sons is turning 3, and having his party at the zoo. Grace has been very excited. She loves the zoo. Andy was going to go, but I told him I could take my best friend Jazz (and her son) instead. Andy nodded his sweet little lortab-drugged head. He says he'll organize the entertainment center, desk, do dishes, and vacuum for me in the 12 hours that I'm gone. I think he can handle 4 chores in 12 hours. Let's hope! 2 of the jobs are done sitting (big jobs, but not difficult), and the other standing. I'm feeling optimistic.

Shopping at Carters & picking up Ma from airport also on agenda today!

Debating whether or not to have breakfast. I really want to try mixing cottage cheese with chocolate protein powder and raspberries. Andy is on antibiotics, so I'm going to make him some Greek yogurt with chocolate protein & raspberries when he gets up.
Chocolate pancakes sound good too, but would be too easy to spread peanut butter all over!


Lucy Ravitch said...

That does sound like a busy day. I hope it all goes well : )