Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dirty Dash Aftermath

As you saw on my Road to Glory post, The Dirty Dash race is great fun.  However, it did have its consequences.  It wasn't being caked in mud, picking out boogers that I wasn't sure were mud or dried blood, or brown pudding-like ear wax.  It was this:

And this (cuts on inside of leg & back heel):


And this (muddy wash, ew!)

But it's okay, cuz my birthday was Friday & I scored these:

And this (rad handmade tribal horse head pendant on horsehair necklace):

And this (yogurt maker!  Homemade creme bulgare = LIFE CHANGING!):

And I'm blessed with these guys:


Tara Oliver said...

sorry about the owies, but I LOVE the barefoot running shoes! you'll have to let us know how you like them. glad you had a nice birthday!

P Gersch said...

Tara, I LOVE them! They are SUPER comfy. I let Laura try them on last night. I highly recommend them. I've built up to a mile barefoot walking around my street over the summer, so I was good n ready to get me some V's! My goal is to race in them next spring. Speaking of races, you should come play with Laura & I next month. We are doing 2 races together (Love Your Body 6k & Murray Blacklight Run to raise awareness against cyber bullying)