Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bacon 30, Day 4

I confess I had a little slip up today. Grace didn't want the last bite of her chocolate chip larabar, and, without thinking, it went to my tummy. There, I'm glad that's off my chest. Technically, I should reset to day 1, but I'm hoping to stay on the Bacon 30 wagon much longer than August.

This morning I got Grace ready for camp/preschool and dropped her off. Hit the gym afterwards and did weights, then knocked out two miles on the treadmill.
Now usually I'm ravenous after the gym, but today I didn't get hungry til 3 (hence the larabar). I did have some haupia before taking Grace to school, so maybe that was it. Had some tuna fish, and then had dinner. Enjoyed a chicken breast stuffed with asparagus and chopped ham steak. The only thing that would make this dish any better is a cream sauce.

After dinner I heard the evil sugar monster calling my name. I tried to resist, but couldn't. My brain justified that I had hardly eaten anything all day and was sitting at very, very low carbs. I found this recipe:

It looked perfect. Chocolate + fat + sugar free. How could I miss? So I made it! Only I took a few liberties and added cacao butter to it (really, if you're gonna put cocoa powder in, you might as well go full monty, right?), and used blackberries instead of blueberries. To my surprise, the frozen blackberries turned into fruity whopper candies. *dance of joy, even though I've always sort of hated whoppers*. The whole recipe made me 4 big servings, and I am totally content now. Can't wait to have a little more tomorrow.

Off to bed!

821 cals (you see how I justified dessert, now, right?), 67 protein, 53 fat, 26 carbs, 473 sodium
(56.25% fat, 12.26% carbs, 31.49% protein)

2 loads of laundry-- \o/ YAY!
Sprints at gym
still have yet to use butter. Just barely ran out of ghee. Butter sounds tasty, but... meh.