Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's been go, go, go the last few days, and I feel like today is a chance to breathe. My primary presidency meeting (which we usually have on Wednesdays) got moved to last night, so we have a chance to spend time together tonight as a family. Grace completed her medical study, and Andy & I both agree that the money she garnered from it should go to her benefit. So tonight we will go mini golfing, let her pick out a toy at the store, and sign her up for summer day camp.

Actually had a chance to go to the gym today. Grace has had a little cold, and I felt like I could finally take her today. Did sprints on the treadmill, and a quick, easy weight session. Enjoying lunch now (today's primal eats below). Andy & I stayed up pretty late last night watching Biggest Loser & V, so a nap is in order today.

Oh, funny story. I recently asked the Lord to help me break my internet addiction. He tends to answer prayers in odd ways. My husband accidentally knocked over my 30 oz mug of water on to my laptop.
Luckily, I have the world's best husband. He felt so bad that he proceeded to break every nail on his fingers getting the keys off of my puter and getting all the moisture out. Rock on, Prince Charming <3

Breakfast: Healthy serving of intermittent fasting
Lunch: 8 oz corned beef & organic sauerkraut with organic stone ground mustard
Afternoon snack: 4 eggs scrambled with coconut milk & 2 oz tillamook vintage cheddar
Dinner: bacon wrapped scallops with steamed veggies
1685 cals, 107g protein, 27g carbs (22g net), 122g healthy, delicious fats.