Sunday, March 27, 2011

Buh Bye Dairy

Nobody panic! I'm dropping dairy... temporarily. After whining on Mark's Daily Apple Forum about my frustration in being stalled, even after changing my eating habits, several cohorts were kind enough to check out my blog & inform me I'm on a Primal Junk Food diet. Hubba-wha?! I've cut out grains, delicious peanut butter, scrumptious legumes, and cut waaaay back on fruit (almost eliminating it), I thought I was doing soooo good, and now you all want me to drop dairy? *Sigh*
One of the posters changed my mind though. He related to me on a deep, emotional level, and I gave in. Okay, we'll give passing up dairy a try. I'm very sad, especially after recently discovering Talenti Gelato, and Fage full fat Greek yogurt *DIES*!

When I reach my goal weight, I'll try adding Fage back in, but only as a treat. Let's hope those days pass quickly! To eliminate all temptation for the rest of the week, I've had a total binge today, polishing off my cheese, heavy cream, gelato, and all things dairy. Tomorrow I will post my starting weight and resolve myself to critter and veggies. It should be interesting to see how it affects my running performance.

Speaking of running, I've been running around all week like a headless chicken. Thurs, Fri, and Sat, I was in a short play as a favor to my friend who was producing it as her college senior project. I am grateful for the opportunity, as it was my first acting gig in a decade. It was The Proposal by Anton Checkov. My character, Chubokov, turned into a slightly tipsy old lady. Both my mom and my friend said I was the star, even though I have the least amount of lines. That's right, my pretties, blow up my already over-inflated ego!

Saturday morning, I ran a 5k in SLC. It was the Running of the Leopards, mostly downhill. One of the roads was so not fair. We crossed a busy street directly toward a BAKERY, at BREAKFAST. I bet everyone would have run a whole lot faster if there was someone on the corner with doughnuts & a sign that read "Free while supplies last".
I was hoping for a new PR (which I got), but not as fast as I wanted. I blame shoelaces that came untied, and a mid-race misstep that resulted in a strained hammy. My finishing time was 40. I saw my mom, Andy, and Grace at the finish line and poured on the speed. I must have been booking it, cuz they didn't even see me smoke right past em, LOL. I was sad cuz I really wanted a picture of me passing the line. My good friend, Laura, who is also my racing buddy, finished a few minutes ahead of me (as usual!). We all went to Hogle Zoo afterwards. The Bactrian camel was multi-tasking by laying on his knees on the front end, and peeing, butt in the air, from the other. We laughed for a good 5 mins about it.


Lucy Ravitch said...

Way to go on your 5K. I don't think you'll miss dairy that much--It's over-rated. Earth Balance Buttery Spread is my favorite : ) When we went vegan 2 years ago I have never had the same interest in dairy even though we are back to eating it occasionally. Also, your granny part looks fun.