Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kill Me Now

The Lord has a funny sense of humor... or, at least, a funny way of answering prayers.

As you may recall, I asked Him to help me break my internet addiction.
My husband accidentally knocked over my 30 oz mug of water on to my laptop.

On Fast Sunday, I asked the Lord to help me memorize my lines for the scene I'm in later this month.
Yesterday I woke up with a mild bout of vertigo. I was on couch much of the day... memorizing lines.

Of course it was no coincidence that my friend directing the scene wants my character to act drunk. If you've ever had vertigo, you know what it feels like to be drunk, without ever having touched your lips to drink.

By the way, the murder weapon above... ForeverSharp filleting knife. Stop freaking out, it's only blackberry juice. See, God? I have a sick sense of humor, too.