Monday, March 7, 2011

I Like Mondays

I know many people hate Mondays. I tend to like them. For one, God invented chocolate as an apology for Mondays. I happen to sell said chocolate. I also look forward to Monday as a chance to get out of the house and go to the gym, since I try to refrain from working out on Sundays (because it is the Sabbath). Yesterday was fast Sunday, irrefutably the longest Sunday of every month. I am still new to fasting on Sundays, ever since I stopped using my diabetes as a crutch. I don't know how y'all get through the 24 hrs without sleeping for 12 of them! Sleep tends to make fasting a whole lot easier, since you are not conscious enough to feel hungry. Also it is very hard to catch up on calories for the day, especially when you are eating clean. I ended up with 1200 cals yesterday, thanks to 6 oz of beef chuck, some greek yogurt, coconut manna, steamed veggies, and coconut milk. Can I tell ya how FUN it is to choke down 1200 cals in under 30 mins? Today I knocked back about 1400 cals in 10 mins! It must be a new record. By the way, did I mention you do NOT want to be around me when I get home from the gym after having IF for breakfast? I'm REALLY cranky. Note, not hungry. Just ornery. Which is funny cuz I'm perfectly pleasant while at the gym, but the second I leave, I turn into Franken-Mom. The primal egg nog I had with lunch made up the bulk of the calories. Counting the minutes until power-nap time! Primal Eats for today below.

Breakfast: Big ol' bowl of intermittent fasting
Lunch: 7 oz beef chuck, primal egg nog, organic sauerkraut
Dinner: 4 oz tilapia, coconut milk custard
1790 calories, 86 protein, 28 carbs (24 net), 143 delicious fat
If you want to get technical, that's a macro breakdown of 74% fat, 20% protein, and 6% carb

Coconut Milk Custard, mmmm!