Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Week

It's gonna be a good week. The Lord continues to answer my prayers. Last week I asked Him to help me create my character more for the scene I'm in this week. Friday, my mom calls & asks if she can spend the week. Aha! I can follow the great Stone Face around for the week. Perfect! Thank You, Lord!
It gets better. As I just mentioned, my mom is in town. She will be able to see the scene I'm in. Also I have a 5k on Saturday, and we're going to the zoo after. My mom gets to see me race, go to the zoo with us, and see me act for the first time in a decade. Does the week get any better?

Went for a road run this morning. My road work is seriously lacking. 2 mins on pavement and I'm dead. Ma watched Grace while I went out. I did 3 miles in 47 mins. Not horrible,considering the first 15 mins is uphill.


1 cup chobani yogurt
3 large strawberries
1/2 a bowl of Noatmeal (1 oz each of hazelnuts, almonds, and macadamias, ground down to oatmeal consistency, warmed in microwave, served with heavy cream, stevia, and cinnamon)

I'm stuffed!

I think we're going out for dinner.


Tara Oliver said...

very cool that your mom is here!! how exciting!! I want to see the show, but we need to go to the temple for date night this week. but we'll see if I can go on Saturday maybe by myself. :) hope you have a great week!! and good luck with the run!