Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy & Life Altering Decisions

This morning I woke up with sinus gambu. Now, it may be the foggy head and sinus pressure talking, but I've come to a crazy and life altering decision. Not only am I going to drop 100 lbs or more, but I'm also going to start training for the Susan G Komen 3 Day, 60 mile Race for the Cure in 2011. This plan includes working from a 5k, to a 10k, to a half marathon over the summer, the Utah Valley Marathon next spring, and finally the Big Mama Susan G Komen by the end of 2011. I have asked my mom to do it with me. Her sister, and my favorite aunt, who shares a birthday with Grace, has cancer. I was thinking it would be really amazing to get the whole family involved, as there are locations all over the country. That's not just the final destination though. I'm going to put my heart on my sleeve here. It is a secret desire of mine, ever since I was a fat little kid, to run in the Boston Marathon. My goal is to run it for my 30th birthday (probably after, in spring 2013). That gives me 2 years to qualify. The qualifying time for my age group is 3 hours and 40 mins. Seeing as I can only run 1/4 of a mile at a time before feeling like I'm going to die, it's going to take a lot of hard work and perseverance. I firmly believe I can do it.
Now, mind you, I didn't say WIN the Boston Marathon. I just said run in it.
Why is this a secret fantasy of mine? Because I was born not far from Boston. How amazing would it be to say "3 years ago, I was almost 250 pounds, slept 16 hours a day, and now I'm a marathon runner"?
That seems like a pretty big deal to me.
I know I'm out of my mind. It's a pretty big, and crazy idea. You don't have to tell me. Just support me in my dream, and push me to achieve it.


Lucy Ravitch said...

Go for it! It never hurts to try and achieve great things. It's awesome when we even come close to accomplishing our goals. Make sure that you don't put too much pressure on yourself and your body though. I remember my bike trip from LA to Salt Lake when I was 17--I think I got really close to passing out from severe dehydration. Best wishes towards your goals!