Friday, January 22, 2010

Disaster & Chaos

Tonight I was making raviolis from scratch, using ricotta & won ton wrappers.

DISASTER AND CHAOS!! The raviolis looked so beautiful going into the pot. They were perfect. I even crimped the edges with a fork. They all fell apart as soon as I started stiring them. ARGH! I'm not even sure there's any left in tact now that the tomatoes and sauce is in.

Oh, but that's not all. I'm also making garlic & herb bread from scratch.

My dough was perfect the whole way through. Lovely little ball. Well, I'm obviously doing something wrong with my breads, because this is the 2nd batch that came out like melted MARSHMALLOWS!
I turned it out on to the counter, and it just came out in a stringy, goopy mess. That's not it, either. I started trying to form balls, and the dough stuck to my hands. I looked like the swamp creature! I couldn't get it off. I didn't know what to do! I had to wash my hands and waste half the batch to get it off. When my hands were clean, I threw a TON of flower on to the counter and took a deep breath. I refused to let this beat me! It finally cooperated and I was able to form 3 small loaves, and several bread sticks.
I put them in the oven, turned around, and realized I completely forgot to glaze them with olive oil. Quickly, I tried to hunt down the lone hot pad we own that Grace took off with, and grabbed the dough from the oven, glazed them, and put them back in.
*Big huff*

Mind you, I'm not beating myself up. I just needed to vent cuz it frustrated me.