Saturday, January 9, 2010


So a big breakthrough for me today. I did my Wii workout, but lately I've been getting kinda fed up with boxing. It's just not FAST enough for me anymore. It's like my body is rebelling. My scores are totally sucking since my 1466 high score. It took an entire 10 mins to get my heart rate up to my target zone. After round 2, I said "screw it" and started looking for alternative exercises. The Free Run looked like it burned a lot of calories, but it was a 10 minute run. I had tried it before, when I first started MFP, and was done, ready to die, after 3 mins. I did it again today. It said I ran just over a mile & a quarter in 10 mins. I DID THE WHOLE 10 MINS!! I can't believe it. It burned 100 cals, too. Man, do I miss the days when boxing torched 100 cals!
Now, I know the Wii isn't the most accurate critter in the world, but it got me kind of excited. I've never been a runner, yet now I'm curious if I really CAN run a mile, and if so, how long it would take me. Andy has been working overtime as a project deadline nears, but maybe if he has the day off tomorrow, he can watch Grace while I go hunt down a running track & find out!

And you know what else? After that 10 minute run... I did MORE running. I think I went through 300 cals in 20 mins. I ALMOST feel like Superman!