Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year, Everybody! Heck... HAPPY NEW DECADE! Was the last 10 years a blast, or what?
I almost made it to midnight last night, but conked out in the middle of a very funny movie we were watching. For some reason, my limit is pretty much 10p. After that, I conk out during whatever show I'm watching. The movie we watched was called The Gamers: Rise Of Dorkness. You should totally catch it, especially if you have EVER played (or watched someone play) a D&D role play game. It was very clean. You know me, I'm a big fan of clean humor! The only dirty part was the bard constantly seducing every woman he ran in to, but it was more like "Hey, baby, wanna tune my mandolin?" *wink, wink*
That was it! LOL
We treated ourselves to a blu-ray player for Christmas, and we can download Netflix directly to it which is awesome. That's how we found The Gamers movie.

So I wanted to update you on my weight loss. My goal was to get down to 228 by New Years. The past week I was stuck at 230 or higher. I was getting frustrated, and was afraid I would not meet my goal. I step on the scale this morning, wait, then look down... 228.8!! YES! Goal #1 reached. Goal #2 is to reach 198 by March 23-- my half birthday. I honestly can't wait to see Clarene next month. If I continue dropping 10 lbs a month like I have been, I'll have dropped a total of 30 lbs by then. When she asks "How did you lose all that?" I will throw my head back and laugh, "Playing video games!"
Seriously, the majority of my weight loss has come from busting my butt on Wii Fit Plus. I do a lot of Rhythm Boxing, and burn off at least 300 cals a day. I try to keep my sodium under 1500, and my daily calorie intake (what I eat) to 1200 or so. For those of you concerned, no, I'm not starving. I eat when I'm hungry, I just make healthy choices. I think I explained you can eat a virtual mountain of fruits and veggies for the same amount as a cheeseburger, right? This doesn't mean I've gone vegan, it just means more fruits & veggies (and Nuts-- that's new!), and fewer cheeseburgers.

Now, like any fanatic, I've made New Years Resolutions for the first 6 months of the year. Maybe they will motivate you to make a few for yourself.

1) Declutter my life. I've decided less is more, and even noticed that I actually do laundry with Grace having a smaller wardrobe. Weeding out my own wardrobe (and Andy's) should result in similar results.

2) Organize the house. I think by doing the above, this should fall naturally in to place.

3) Finish all commissions in my studio by June 1. It needs to be done so we can transform the studio into Grace's bedroom by her birthday.

4) Paint the house. We bought all the supplies last year, but never got to it. This needs to happen by the end of June. My mom has mentioned bringing my favorite aunt out in July. She & Grace share a birthday!

5) Lose a total of 75 lbs by July 9-- Grace's birthday.

These are in chronological order, rather than order of importance. I've found the last few months that planning everything out REALLY helps me stay on track & meet goals I've set for myself.

Last of all: Continue clawing our way out of debt. I think the fact that we've dramatically reduced the amount we eat out each month will really help with this last goal/problem. We've gone from eating out 2-3 times a week, to 1-2 times a month. After mimicking restaurant stuff at home, it's just cheaper (and tastes better) to do it there!

Anyway, there it is. My New Year's plan. Got yours yet? Hop to it!


Tara said...

congrats on the weight loss! that's awesome! 1200 calories is perfectly fine. that's about what I'm eating on, when I stick to it, unlike I have this last week......I've heard 1100 is the lowest anyone should go, but my sister (a fitness instructor) says it's 1200. so give or take. :) you're doing great!

decluttering baby clothes - that's hard for me to do! Ashleigh has a ton of clothes. but she has Savannah's old clothes. mostly. I have a hard time getting rid of them yet. *sigh* ah well, I'm trying to declutter in other areas to make up for it for now.

wow, YOU have a hard time staying up past 10?? what the heck is going on?? you're starting to sound like ME!! (although lately, it's more like 8....) ha ha. you rock. :) happy new year!