Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fat Polar Falcons!

So for Christmas, Andy gave me a Heart Rate Monitor to help me better monitor my exercise and weight loss. Only problem was this one was evil and did not want to cooperate. It kept resetting itself, and even froze, similar to a computer's blue screen of death, when I tried to get all my stats back into it. So I took it back to the store, and whined at Andy for a better one. I did some shopping and found the Polar F7. I don't know why, but I always want to call it a Polar Falcon. Anyway, I ordered it just before New Years & it said it wouldn't be here till January 12th. I religiously checked the tracking on where I bought it. This morning when I checked, I was surprised to see that it had been scanned in Orem. Now the problem was waiting. Often, our mailman doesn't get here till 5pm or so. I workout when Grace has her nap at 12:30. Would the mailman get here before I exercised? 10:30am I hear the familiar stop and go of the post truck and got all giddy!
IT'S HERE! I eagerly opened it and got it set up right away. It was extremely user friendly, with even better directions than the HRM I got for Christmas.
So as soon as Grace goes down, I start my workout. My little Polar Falcon beeps softly at me as I start exercising. After a minute, it goes quiet. I panick & look down. Oh, I reached my target zone. Okay, cool. I settle in and am pleased to see that the calorie count on my HRM is higher than what the Wii says. Y'know, I tend to believe the HRM since it's strapped to my chest and only a few inches away from my LIFE FORCE! It ticks away at me. I work extra hard to get into the middle range of my heart rate. I'm sore & sweaty, like a good workout should make you feel. In the end, my HRM says I burned 577 calories, while the Wii says 366. I punch in the minutes I worked out on to my exercise log on MFP. It comes up with 487. I feel it is a fair compromise between the two disparages.

Now to try it out with my Wii Biggest Loser game! That thing drives me bananas. I should not be dripping sweat & huffing & puffing & only have burned 100 calories! My new Polar Falcon is going to set the record straight once and for all!

It also said that the calories burned were 35% fat. Anyone have any suggestions on where my heart rate needs to be to burn 50% fat?

I hope my body keeps cooperating for the next 80 lbs!

Weigh in tomorrow (Friday). Keep an eye on that ticker. I'm hoping for it to say 22 lbs lost!