Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Uphill, Both Ways!

I did something crazy today.

I signed up for my first 5k!

The race is January 30th-- only 2 weeks away. The only training I've had thus far is running in place with my wii. Yes, I'm nuts, but we've previously established this fact. I feel pretty confident I can run for 30-40 mins, because I did a 20 minute "run" yesterday with the Wii, and then another 8. Today I'm resting my legs. No workout. Just staying under on my calories. Going to use the spare time to download some decent music to run to on my iPod, AKA Steve.

Also, I was very naughty. This morning I asked Andy for $20, which he thought over and then agreed to. I merrily went to Hale Center Theater, host of the race, and put in my $20 entry fee... then proceeded to Payless for running shoes... and KMart for decent, non-ugly sweats to run in. The last 2 were kinda unexpected expenses, but necessary. These shoes I found are very cool. When I put them on, I was floored. They fit like a glove... like someone designed them specifically for my weird, flat, duck-like feet. Yet they were soft and pliable and RUNNING SHOES! I've never felt a shoe like this before. I feel like I could LIVE in them. They were $30. The pants were $15. I can't believe I fit into a large pant. I've never fit into a large before! I guess I am losing inches, despite the tape measurer saying otherwise when I measured at the start of the month.

The last thing I will whine at Andy for is some new head phones, since I lost my marshmallows and can't find my other set which was kinda torched anyway, and an arm band for Steve, and some head bands to keep hair & sweat out of my face.

Random, but I've recently come to the decision that all cows are mutants based solely on the fact that they have only 1 boob, but 4 nipples.

Did I mention the race is going to be held over a 40% grade hill, both ways? And you thought those stories from your grandpa going uphill both ways was a tall tale.
Oh, yeah, I'm doing it!