Friday, April 8, 2011

Confessions of a Chocoholic

I am a chocoholic. I even work for Dove. Yeah, it's bad. There's chocolate in my house on a daily basis (at least my toddler always asks for dark, lol, she knows where the good stuff is). Unfortunately there is no Chocoholics Anonymous, b/c nobody wants to quit! Up until this morning, I have been able to resist their siren lure...

Today I confess to cheating on Whole 30. While out shopping today, I broke down and bought raw cacao butter (aka yummy dark-chocolate-smelling FAT). I tasted some when I got home. The aftertaste was definitely chocolate. The naughty baker in me got inspired. I went into the cupboard, grabbed my dutch cocoa powder, and coconut oil... but then I saw the remainder of my coconut manna. I tasted some. AHA! This would give it sweetness. I melted coconut manna and cacao butter in the microwave, then stirred in the cocoa powder. Taste. OMG, SUPER DARK CHOCOLATE! Like 90% or a little higher. My inner chocolatier got out of control, grabbed my heart shaped silicone ice cube tray and proceeded to pour the syrupy goodness into the compartments. It's in the freezer now. Pure, unadulterated, raw heart-shaped chocolate super food. Sugar free! Going to cheat tonight, too. Yup. Mixed grill at Olive Garden. Have been doing meat only for a week now. I DESERVE SOME @#%^ CARBS! Going to chow down on all the taters and fresh, roasted veggies. That's right, hosers. I'm cheating today, and yet broke no Whole 30 rules. AHAHAHA! I don't think I even paleo-fied chocolate (I don't think it's possible), they said nothing against coconut, or wholesome raw ingredients. My soul is already feeling better.

The day gets better. I found Popcornopolis while shopping at Harmons. I can't have any, but got some for hubby! Going to bring him some tonight as his treat for being #1 Dude in my World. He can sneak it into the movies. It's gonna be great!