Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's A Carb-A-Palooza!

So yesterday I picked up hubby from work and we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I had the mixed grill and enjoyed veggies for the first time in a week. My intention was to go back to meat only today, but all that delicious fruit in the fridge that I bought yesterday beckoned me. So I caved. Fresh blackberries in coconut milk, 2 hard boiled eggs, some almond butter, coconut oil, homemade chocolate... but it didn't stop there. We had to finish up the shopping today (executive couples decisions & all that), and I picked up some more macadamia nuts & other things from Good Earth. Munched on those on the way home. I also enjoyed an organic yellow mango. SO GOOD!
The most exciting part of my day-- buying goldenberry, raspberry, and a free strawberry plant at IFA. Summer is going to be berry awesome!
Tomorrow is fast Sunday, so I guess, subconsciously, I'm sort of food hoarding in my belly.
Roast chicken for dinner. Then back to the meat only grind for 1 more week. Everything tastes 1,000,000 times better when you're only having one food group and take a break from it ;)