Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Staff of Life

Recently I got into a debate with a close friend, who is concerned for my health, over my Primal Blueprint lifestyle. We talked about how in the scriptures, grain is ordained as the staff of life for man, and meat should be eaten sparingly. Honestly, this upset me, as I felt like I had been disobedient to the Lord somehow. I argued that eating the foods the Lord provided here on Earth was the way to go. That he put both flora and fauna on the planet to nourish and strengthen us. And what about those people with autoimmune disorders who can't have grains like those with Celiac's? She said "Yeah, but you're not one of those".
So later I talked it over with both my husband & my brother in law. I do have a metabolic condition (diabetes) that makes life without grains a healthier choice. Additionally, the grains that Joseph Smith ate when the Word of Wisdom was written are not the same as they are today. If people wanted processed grain, they went out to the field, harvested it, brought it home, and smashed it up by themselves. These days it's done for us, run through a machine, combined with a bunch of CRAP, and then force fed to us. There's a clear difference there.
I think it is more important to live healthy so we can be happy, because the Lord knows if we're happy, we'll be more focused on His plan and returning home to Him. "Ordained for man" does not mean you're required to do something. Ordained means it's there if you need it. It's APPROVED. A covenant, on the other hand, is a promise one makes between themselves and the Lord. I don't remember ever making a covenant with the Lord to eat grain and avoid the creatures he provided for my sustenance. I do, however, remember making covenants to harken to the counsel of my husband, dedicate my time and talents to the service of others, and take care of my body and its needs so that it can be a worthy temple to house the Holy Spirit.

Meat and fat is delicious, my friends, embrace it! The Lord's design on all creations is without flaw and unquestionable. He provided animals, fruits, vegetables, and so on, for our sustenance. Why, then, would he put fat and meat on animal if it were not to be exploited to our benefit? I know he put grains on earth, too... but he also put weeds down here to quelch out the living. I think of grain as a weed. If it makes me weak and wither, surely I should avoid it. I feel stronger and healthier without it. I wish everyone would view grain as a weed, to try Paleo & Primal and just see how they FEEL. Grain would not be the king of foods so much anymore. It would no longer be the staff of life, but more the serpent that slithers up and around it, choking out what would be a total healing of mankind.


Lori said...

Excellent post!! I agree with you too!! I also wanted to add the Lord always wanted the fat when the animals were sacrificed, because it was a sweet smelling offering. So, why wouldn't he want that for us now right? The fat is still the sweet smelling aroma that attracts us to the food!! Keep the faith!! I just found your blog a day or two ago and have been enjoying it. I am pregnant right now with my 3rd and was insulin resistant when I started Primal back in sept. '10. Thanks for sharing!!

Lori said...

I've wrestled a bit with the biblical history of eating grains. (I'm not LDS though.) Jesus fed the 5000 with bread and fish. But.... as you sort of say this was wheat they ground themselves and baked with some type of fat. I grind wheat in a vita mix and bake bread. I will probably go back to that practice but as a treat not an everyday occurrence.