Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Idiocy And Desperation

So you KNOW you have an addiction when you will go to any length to attain the item you are addicted to. Mine apparently is chocolate. Yesterday I went out HUNTING for chocolate that contained no sugar. I ended up going with my friend to Whole Foods at Trolley Square in SLC. I found 99% chocolate (ingredients: cacao beans & vanilla). I thought it tasted alright. The strawberry Kombucha I was nursing helped sweeten the deal. The more I nibble at this 99% monstrosity, the better it tastes. So this morning I thought I'd try to make chocolate milk. Coconut milk + 99% monster. I thought the coconut milk would make it sweet enough to drink. WRONG. So I added an egg. Cuz that helped *rolls eyes*, and then cinnamon, and nutmeg, and allspice... and almond butter... and coconut oil... and ended up with this bitter pudding THING. All the ingredients was my hoping to make it palatable. So I start dipping fruit in. Barely tolerable. I ended up pouring the majority into my heart shaped ice cube tray. Maybe they will make okay chocolates? The rest got combined with blueberries so I could quickly choke it down.
Now I want MEAT. I have shrimp defrosting & I'll cook it up in bacon grease leftover from Grace's breakfast. Needless to say, my carb count is shot for the day, and I've yet to have lunch & hang with Andy's sister and kids tonight in SLC (which will, undoubtedly, include dinner somewhere out). Ah, adventures in Primal Blueprinting! I realize now that it's not chocolate I'm after. It's sugar. So I have a small saccharine demon. Shut up. I can quit whenever I want to. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM! *Mumbles "17 days til I can have vanilla stevia"*

Obviously yesterday was a day of bravery (or idiocy, you choose), between the 99% chocolate, Kombucha (which was kinda tasty, despite the "May contain alcohol due to fermentation" warning), and also we went to Tucanos for lunch. Ah, Tucanos! Beloved Primal Blueprinter's paradise. I confess to getting out of control on the fried bananas. But here's my moment of bravery: I tried chicken hearts for the first time. It was one of those "Sure, what the heck." moments. Y'know what? I liked them! Not crazy, over the moon binging liked them, but they were pretty good. Chewy, very much like the lil' smokies sausages you can get at the grocery store. Now I am less afraid of offal and more curious. Andy, on his mission to Paraguay, ate all sorts of crazy things. He used to tell me that if it was cooked well (and you didn't think about what you were eating), it wasn't half bad.

Next grocery trip: buy offal.

I hope I've been able to make you smile (preferably giggle) today.


Kim said...

Definitely giggling here. You are so fun to follow on this journey of yours.--Curliegirl from MFP

Robbie said...

I like chicken hearts, gizzards and livers. I also like beef liver.

Anonymous said...

I love chicken gizzards, hearts and livers..........I also like beef liver. YUMM.

Grokette from MFP