Friday, April 1, 2011

The Joke's On You!

Happy April Fools! Yesterday we bought a 2011 Kia Soul with 7 miles on it. Believe what you want. We've named him Radd after the Silver Surfer, cuz he's silver.
Today begins my Whole 30 journey. I haven't eaten since 2-ish yesterday. Trying to hold out a few more hours so I can just do lunch & dinner today. Need to go to Walmart to get scallops for dinner. Mmm-mmm, bacon wrapped scallops! I just realized this morning that there's sugar in my uncured bacon. Hmmm. I'd be breaking the no added sugar rule in W30 if I had it. *Sigh*.
Beautiful day here today and yesterday. Grace is watching Rainbow Brite & The Star Stealer for the umpteenth time on Netflix. Will go get our vitamin d fix afterwards.
Can't wait for the insurance to kick in so I can drive me brand spanking new car!

Goals for April:
Take my kid to the park on days with acceptable weather, thus getting plenty of Vitamin D
Work on fleshing out The Subtle Beauty (my NaNoWriMo from last year)
Date my husband

What I'm giving up for the month of Whole 30:
Bell Peppers
Chocolate (This is going to be tough. I sell chocolate. It's in the house daily.)
Chewing gum (you don't realize what a life saver this candy is until you try avoiding the worst possible thing you could crave)
Paleo-fied goodies like coconut milk custard and super nog
All dairy (*Pines for full fat Fage*)

Will have to modify W30 a little. It says no processed foods, but we can't afford organic/grass fed critter, so we'll have to eat whatever meat we can find.

Breakfast: Big fat bowl of IF
Lunch: Leftover ground chicken sausage from when we had stuffed peppers
Dinner: Scallops cooked in bacon grease (hubby & kid are having bacon wrapped scallops with veggies)