Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've Won

I confess to breaking the Whole 30 no baking rule (you knew it was going to happen), BUT! I will have you know I did not having a single bite, lick, or taste during the entire creation process. Hubby was my guinea pig. Every two seconds I had him licking the spoon, telling me what it needed. He asked me why I was making something I couldn't have. Because it makes me happy & I wanted to do something nice for him & the 2yo.

ANYWAY. I just wanted to try out a nutella knock off cookie, but the nutella I was making got too soupy, so I ended up taking the cake batter route. Here's what happened:

ground up some organic raw hazelnuts
added maybe 1/4 cup coconut oil (probably added too much)
added 4 tsp dutch process cocoa powder
added 1 tsp carob powder
added liquid stevia vanilla cream
added 4 eggs
added 1 cup stevia in the raw
poured into large bowl & stirred well
added ghiradelli semi sweet chocolate chips (was tempted to add macadamia nuts as well)
turned out batter into greased baking dish
put in oven, 350 degrees. 15 mins or until knife comes out clean. Cut immediately, then allow to cool.

So I know I broke a Whole 30 rule, but I feel like I still have some integrity. It took SERIOUS will power & focus not to lick my fingers or anything. In my mind, I've already won Whole 30!
10 more days of meat only? No problem, I got this!

P.S. I made up the entire recipe pretty much myself. Hubby says they're almost like the real thing! The 2yo loves them.

Breakfast: IF
Lunch: 1 lb ground beef
Afternoon snack: Ham shank (I was cooking a ham shank so I could have ham steak breakfast today)
Dinner: Swordfish steak with black pepper, sea salt, ghee, and parsley mashed together with some lemon rind. Way tasty! Made hubby some broccoli in bacon fat with a twist of lemon & pepper. He really liked it

Breakfast: 1 lb Ham steak & 2 poached eggs
Lunch: preparing a rack of spare ribs for tomorrow's lunch, lol
Dinner: Chicken breast (hubby is having bacon wrapped chicken breast, but bacon is off my diet this month b/c of the added sugar in it)